Letter From The Editor

Q: Why, and What Is Hella Bad Bitches?
A: [Because I felt like it] Hella Bad Bitches is an expression of ability, confidence, intelligence, and pure badness.

I got the idea for Hella Bad Bitches in April of this year, after reading a tweet by Lavenda Monroe. We worked together on Chris Carr’s All I Think Is Pink music video shoot in January 2010. After the shoot everyone involved became Facebook friends, and I also began following Lavenda on Twitter. Our acquaintance is just one example of the awesomeness of social  media to connect people, and expose them to ideas and information, experiences and expressions they might otherwise never share.

Lavenda posts tweets regarding her opinions on relationships, self worth, and knowing and seeking out the best for herself, among other things. One night, after two years of reading her posts and going, “Oh snap!” and “Yessss!” to myself this exact thought hit me: “That’s a hella bad bitch right there.” A minute later I made a Tumblr blog with that title, with the intention of showcasing others just as confident, expressive, and unique as Lavenda, and countless women before her.

At a time when politics gets religious on reproductive rights, and overweight junkies spew vitriol on public airwaves, attempting to degrade educated women; when magazines and media continue to perpetuate an idea of female dependency on snatching and satisfying a man in order to feel complete, I find it necessary to fill my immediate world with a different, more identifiable truth: People are inherently free, independent creatures. And (whether male or female) our validation and wholeness comes from within, and is amply demonstrated by our actions and the lives we choose to lead.

As someone known for saying whatever’s on my mind, and living life on my own terms, I’ve often received a lot of unnecessary shit - judgements and reprimands - from others for my expressive and willful nature. But I’ve always felt that I’m not the only one of my kind, and whoever doesn’t like what I say or how I live doesn’t have to engage me.

Hella Bad Bitches is a communication beacon to Bad Bitches everywhere on their hustles, speaking their truths, living their dream lives, listening to their inner voices, and following their own paths. Its message is not how to "blank" anything for anyone else, nor is this a magazine about feminist ideals, or equality.

It’s a dialogue among Bad Bitches, a showcase of real LIVE women who LIVE according to their own truths. And if you don’t like it, then FUCK YOUR FEELINGS.

- Princess Distress

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