What Makes A Bad Bitch?

by Princess Distress

A Bad Bitch is a queen. She stands out from other women, most notably for the strength of her personality, and her knowledge of her own worth. She is determined, dynamic, fierce, and passionate. Whether by her looks, lifestyle, or talent She displays confidence in what she believes and the actions she takes. A Bad Bitch is anything but typical.

Let’s face it: There are “good girls” and there are Bad Bitches. Good girls conform, and please. Good girls follow rules set by others, and their farthest aim in life is to stay in their lane. They might act out here and there, but they expend most of their energy in being satisfactory and keeping the approval of others.

For decades bitch has been applied to confident, strong women as a derogatory term - used mainly by those who feel threatened by the power of a fearless woman to achieve her goals without asking permission. But labels - mere words - do very little to deter active and courageous people. Popular Bad Bitches like Kelly Cutrone, Madonna, and others, don’t allow the projections of an insecure society to stop them from expressing themselves or living according to their passions. In this way, bitch has transformed from an insult to a compliment, a badge of boldness.

True confidence comes from within - and this quality is what makes a Bad Bitch. She listens to her inner voice. She trusts herself, and her decisions. She lives unapologetically, by her own standards, and in the face of a world that does not often - in fact, rarely ever - has her back. It is by going against the grain, by bucking conformity and social expectation that Bad Bitches actually build their strength, and even better, their reputations.

Whatsoever a Bad Bitch endeavor to undertake she achieves because she knows she can do anything she pleases. A Bad Bitch is honest, and true to herself. She is responsible only for herself. Others’ response to the way she lives her life is entirely on, and up to them. A Bad Bitch will always keep going.


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